DevOps Advanced

3 ay / 48 saat 400 m

Modul 1. Grafana

- Query, Visualize, Alert on and Understand Metrics using Grafana
- Create, Explore and Share Grafana Dashboards
- Integrate Grafana with Various Data Sources like Graphite, InfluxDB, MySQL, OpenTSDB, Elasticsearch, CloudWatch, Prometheus, etc.,
- Configuring different Panels, Data Source, Alerts within Grafana
- Configure Graphite Data Source with Grafana
- Configure collectd data collector for Grafana Visualization

Modul 2. Kubernetes Advanced
- Deployment strategies
- Working kubernetes api
- MinIO/Heketi/GlusterFS Object Storage
- Best Practice Calculation of Resources
- Ingress with Cert-Manager, Canary Deployment, Ingress Tuning
- Events with eventrouter to ElasticSearch with alerts
- Access Management(RBACs)
- Manage tls certificates
- Networking, Calico, ACL
- Kubernetes perf testing and tuning
- Kubernetes all components with custom configs,External dns and install wiith hard way variant
- Valero backup/restore with MinIO
- Production grade monitoring with prometheus
- Helm Charts(divide to parts)
- Serverless with Knative, Kubeless
- Operators and write custom kubernetes operators and plugins
- Kubernetes Fedaration
- Kong API Gateway

Modul 3. EFK – elasticsearch, fluentd, kibanna
- Introduction EFK and compare with ELK
- Install and Confiigure Single Node
- Working with elasticsearch(Index,Type, Id, Shard, Replica, Mapping, Analysis, Snapshot, Restore)
- Setup Multi Master/Worker Node and Load balancing
- Elastic curators, Elastic alert
- Sending logs to Elasticsearch with fluend adn filebeat
- Visualize Logs in elasticsarch with Kibanna

Modul 4. Consul Service Discovery, K/V and Connect
- What is and Why Consul
- Monitoring Node and Service Discovery
- Dynamic LB config with consul template
- Reactive Configuration with K/V store
- Health Checking
- Simulating and Failures  and Understaing
- Multi-Server Deployment
- Multi-Datacenter Deployment
- Events and Autonomous Provisioning
- Understing MDC Behavior
- Backup_restore

Modul 5. Vault Secret Management
- Introduction
- Working With Secret
- Controllling Access
- Approle Authentication for Microservices
- Operating and Auditing
- Monitoring Vault
- HA for Vault
- Backup-Server
- Upgrading

Modul 6. Istio Service Mesh
- General Concept, Install and Configuration
- Traffic Management
- Security and mTLS configuration(Integration with KeyClock)
- Visualization and Monitoring
- Production Ready Setup
- Cross Platform setup

Bonus or Free lessons within Course
Jmeter Load/Stress Testing, Gitlab CI, Spinnaker, Argo-CD, Harbor