Linux Engineering (RHCE)

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Module 1: Introduction to Ansible
Module 2: Using Advanced Ansible solution
Module 3: Managing Systems with Ansible
Module 4: Sample Labs

Module 1:
Lesson 1 - Installing Ansible
      - Understanding Ansible
      - Host Requirements
      - Installing Ansible on the Control Node
      - Preparing Managed Nodes
      - Verifying Ansible Installation
Lab: Installing Ansible
Lab Solution 

Lesson 2 - Setting up a Managed Environment
      - Setting up Static Inventory
      - Understanding Dynamic Inventory
      - Understanding Ansible Configuration Files
      - Managing Ansible Configuration Files
Lab: Setting up an Ansible Managed Environment
Lab Solution

Lesson 3 - Using Ad Hoc Commands
      - Using Ad Hoc Commands
      - Understanding Ansible Modules
      -  Using ansible-doc to get Module Documentation
      - Introduction Essential Ansible Modules
Lab: Using Ad Hoc Command
Lab Solution

Lesson 4 - Getting Started with Playbooks
      - Using YAML to Write Playbooks
      - Verifying Playbook Syntax
      - Writing Multiple-Play Playbooks
Lab: Getting Started with Playbooks
Lab Solution

Lesson 5 - Working with Variables and Facts
      - Understanding Variables
      - Using Variables
      - Understanding Variable Precedence
      - Managing Host Variables
      - Using Multi-valued Variables
      - Using Ansible Vault
      - Working with Facts
      - Creating Custom Facts
Lab: Working with Variables and Facts
Lab Solution

Module 2:
Lesson 6 - Using Task Control
     - Using Loops and Items
     - Using Register Variables with Loops
     - Using when to Run Tasks Conditionally
     - Testing Multiple Conditions
     - Using Handlers
     - Using Blocks
     - Dealing with Failures
Lab: Using Task Control
Lab Solution

Lesson 7 - Deploying Files
      - Using Modules to Manipulate Files
      - Managing SELinux File Content
      - Using Jinja2 Templates
      - Using Control Structures in Jinja2
Lab: Deploying Files with Templates
Lab Solution

Lesson 8 - Using Ansible Roles
      - Understanding Directory Structure Best Practices
      - Understanding Ansible Roles
      - Using Ansible Galaxy for Standard Roles
      - Using the Ansible Galaxy Command Line Tools
      - Creating Custom Roles
      - Managing Order of Execution
      - Understanding RHEL System Roles
Lab: Using Ansible Roles
Lab Solution

Lesson 9 - Using Rhel System Roles
      - Understanding RHEL system Roles
      - Installing RHEL System Roles
      - Using the RHEL SELinux System Role
      - Using the RHEL TimeSync System Role
Lab: Using RHEL System Roles
Lab Solution

Lesson 10 - Using Ansible in Large Environment
      - Managing Inventory
      - Addressing Host Patterns
      - Configuring Parallelism
      - Organizing Directory Structure
Lab: Using Ansible in Large Environments
Lab Solution

Lesson 11 - Troubleshooting Ansible
      - Managing Ansible Logs
      - Using the Debug Module
      - Using Check Mode
      - Using Modules for Troubleshooting and Testing
      - Troubleshooting Connection Issues
      - Analyzing Playbooks Errors
      - Avoiding Errors in Playbooks Best Practices
Lab: Troubleshooting Ansible
Lab Solution

Module 3:
Lesson 12 - Managing Software with Ansible
      - Understanding Modules Related to Software Managment
      - Implementing a Playbook to Manage Software

Lesson 13 - Managing Users
      - Understanding Modules Related to User Managment
      - Implementing a Playbook to Manage Users
Lab: Managing Users
Lab Solution

Lesson 14 - Managing Processes and Tasks
      - Understanding Modules for Managing Processes and Tasks
      - Implementing a Playbook to Manage Processes and Tasks
Lab: Managing Processes and Tasks
Lab Solution

Lesson 15 - Managing Storage
      - Understanding Modules for Managing Storage
      - Implementing a Playbook to Manage Storage
Lab: Manage storage
Lab Solution

Lesson 16 - Managing Networking
      - Using Network Roles for Network Managment
      - Understanding Modules for Network Managment
      - Using Ansible to Manage IPv6
Lab: Managing Network
Lab Solution

Module 4:
Sample labs in the end of lessons