Power Query

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Modul 1. Power Query Introduction

Modul 2. Importing data from common data import sources.

Modul 3. Appending and merging data.

Modul 4. Refreshing Queries Manually and Automatically

Modul 5. Working with Columns

Modul 6. Filtering and Sorting Rows

Modul 7. Changing Values in a Table

Modul 8. Table Transformations (Pivoting, Unpivoting, Creating Custom Columns, Grouping data)

Modul 9. M language introduction

Modul 10. Basic M types (number, time, date, duration, text, null, logical)

Modul 11. Complex M types (lists, records, and tables)

Modul 12. Conditions and If Expressions

Modul 13. Custom functions

Modul 14. Creating parameters