Power BI Desktop(Intermediate)

20 saat 200 m / aylıq

Modul 1. Introducing to Power BI
- What is Power BI
- Get Power BI Desktop
- Getting started with Power BI Desktop (interface)

Modul 2. Collect, Combine and Transform data
- Introducing to Power Query
- Loading from Web
- Loading from Access database, etc.
- Loading from Excel Workbooks(from tables, sheets and multiple items) & CSV
- Loading multiple files from folder
- Appending Data
- Merging Data
- Pivoting and Unpivoting data
- Data Preparation (adding different types of columns, rows, working with numbers, text,      dates, etc.)
- Grouping Data
- Introduction to M language

Modul 3. Data Modeling
- Introducing to data models
- Dim tables and Fact tables
- Primary and Foreign keys
- Snowflake and Star schemas
- Principles of Normalization and Denormalization
- Filter Direction in table relationships
- Active vs inactive relationships
- Defining hierarchies in tables
- Hiding Fields from client tool

Modul 4. Analyzing Data with DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)
- Data types
- Calculated Columns and Measures (row context and filter context)
- Evaluation context and relationships
- Aggregators and iterators (SUMX, AVERAGEX)
- Logical functions (IF, OR, AND, SWITCH, IFERROR)
- Relational functions (RELATED, RELATEDTABLE)
- Filter and Table functions (FILTER, ALL, ALLEXCEPT, ALLSELECTED)
- The most important function CALCULATE function, how it differs from other functions
- Time Intelligence functions (Standard calendar)

Modul 5. Visualizing Data with Power BI Reports
- Exploring  the Report view in Power BI
- Inserting objects, charts, visuals and slicers
- Power BI Report Formatting options (Visualizations settings)
- Power BI Report Filtering options
- Power BI Report Interactions
- Power BI Report Bookmarks
- Power BI Report What-If Analysis (Parameters)
- Managing and Viewing Roles in Power BI Desktop
- Publishing Reports and designing Dashboards in Power BI Service